Sciota Township Assessor

Diane Dowler
11236 Reid Rd
Swartz Creek MI 48473
Phone # (810) 635-9596
Fax # (810) 635-0561





Our township Assessor is responsible for annually setting the assessed value for all real and personal properties in Sciota Township as mandated by Proposal "A". In addition to valuing property values, the Assessor processes all Property Transfer Affidavits and the Homeowner's Principal Residential Exemption Affidavits.

Michigan voters approved the constitutional amendment known as Proposal "A" in 1994. Prior to Proposal "A", property tax calculations were based on the Assessed Value.


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A Property Transfer Affidavit is required whenever there is a transfer of ownership (even if the transfer is not recorded). Transfer of ownership means the conveyance of title to or a present interest in a property, including the beneficial use of the property. A Property Transfer Affidavit must be filed by the new owner. The law requires the purchaser to file the Property Transfer Affidavit with the local assessing officer within 45 days of the transfer. Click here to see, print, or save a Property Transfer Affidavit.
Filing the Homeowner's Principal Residential Exemption Affidavit exempts the property owner from approximately 18 mills. In order to claim this exemption, the owner of the property must own and occupy the property as their principal residence. The owner may only claim one exemption at a time. Vacation homes and income property, which you do not occupy as your principal residence, may not be claimed. Click here to see, print, or save a Principal Residence Exemption Form.
Filing the Rescind for Residential Exemption Affidavit removes the property owner's claim for the exemption. The exemption on your old home remains in effect until December 31 of the year in which your home is sold. If you move to your new residence before your first home is sold, the exemption expires on December 31 of the year you move in. You must rescind your exemption within 90 days of the date you no longer either own or occupy the property as your principal residence, whichever comes first. Click here to see, print, or save a Rescind Principal Residence Exemption Form.

Property assessments can only be appealed at the March Board of Review. These meetings are held during the second week of March every year. The resident must appear in person to appeal. Protest at the Board of Review is necessary to protect the resident's future right to appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. A nonresident may protest to the Board of Review by letter and accompanied by a completed Board of Review petition form. Owners of Commercial or Industrial real property may appeal directly to the Michigan Tax Tribunal by filing an appeal no later than May 31. A Board of Review appearance is not required for Commercial or Industrial appeals. Click here to see, print, or save a Board Of Review Appeal Form.

If you disagree with the decision of the Board of Review, you may file an appeal with the Michigan Tax Tribunal. You may file this appeal by mailing a letter to the Tax Tribunal stating your desire to further appeal the Board of Review decision. This appeal must be filed no later than July 31 and should be addressed to Michigan Tax Tribunal, P.O. Box 30232, Lansing, MI 48909.

In addition to the homestead exemption from local school operating taxes, the legislature has passed a separate exemption for farmland. Some people may have to file this form in addition to their homestead exemption affidavit. Read the instructions carefully to determine if you need to file this form. If your property is already exempt as a homestead, you do not need to file this form or if you own vacant land classified as agricultural, it is automatically exempt and you do not need to file a form to claim your exemption. If you have a residence or other buildings on the property, your assessor may ask you to complete this form to determine if all the property qualifies. If your property is not classified agricultural, but more than 50 percent of the acreage is devoted to an agricultural use, you must file this form by May 1, to claim your exemption. Click here to see, print, or save a Farmland Exemption from School Operating Form

Considering a purchase? Here is a link to the State of Michigan Property Tax Estimator web site to access estimates on property taxes by local unit and school district, using the 2007 millage rates.

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